How does it work


Some people despite having family and friends, feel alone and feel they have no one to talk to. This can be for many reasons such as family members being too close and connected to the situation. A need of not wanting to upset loved ones by expressing feelings such as being anxious or depressed.


Counselling incudes talking about feelings, emotions, relationships past and present, patterns of behaviours, ways of thinking and life events. The counsellor will listen, empathise, encourage and challenge a different way of thinking, and help the client to see things differently and from a different perspective.

The sessions.

The sessions will take place at the same time, same day, same place on a weekly basis and will last for 50mins. Short term counselling will last anything from 6-12 weeks and long term counselling will last until there is an agreed ending. Long term, or open ended, gives the client the time and space needed to discuss things  when they feel they are able to, and not when time says they will. All endings will happen with a discussion, and agreement, of both the client and counsellor.